Timetable for Project Activities

The project consists of eight workpackages. For easier orientation in our work it is necessary to know the abbreviation short names of the partner institutions.

Activity From (m/yyyy) To (m/yyyy) Location Name of coordinator/co-organiser(s) responsible and involved
1 Project Management 09/2009 11/2010 CZ NLC
2 Preparatory work 09/2009 02/2010 CZ NLC
Kick-off meeting 09/2009 09/2009 CZ NLC
Selection of manuscripts and other historical documents 09/2009 12/2009 All NLC, NLL, NLP, NLR
Stakeholder involvement 09/2009 02/2010 LT NLL
3 Integration of digitalised objects 10/2009 02/2010 CZ NLC
Joining all selected digitized in uniform user interface 10/2009 02/2010 CZ NLC
Integration of all selected digitized documents in the Manuscriptorium digital library 10/2009 02/2010 CZ NLC
4 Exhibition in Vilnius 10/2009 05/2010 LT NLL
National concept development 10/2009 12/2009 LT NLL
Technical support 01/2010 04/2010 LT NLL
Organisation of the exhibition 03/2010 04/2010 LT NLL
Local evaluation 03/2010 05/2010 LT NLL
5 Exhibition in Warsaw 10/2009 07/2010 PL NLP
National concept development 10/2009 12/2009 PL NLP
Technical support 03/2010 06/2010 PL NLP
Organisation of the exhibition 05/2010 06/2010 PL NLP
Local evaluation 05/2010 07/2010 PL NLP
6 Exhibition in Bucharest 10/2009 09/2010 RO NLR
National concept development 10/2009 12/2009 RO NLR
Technical support 05/2010 08/2010 RO NLR
Organisation of the exhibition 07/2010 08/2010 RO NLR
Local evaluation 07/2010 09/2010 RO NLR
7 Exhibition in Prague 10/2009 11/2010 CZ NLC
National concept development 10/2009 12/2010 CZ NLC
Technical support 07/2010 10/2010 CZ NLC
Organisation of the exhibition 09/2010 10/2010 CZ NLC
Local evaluation 09/2010 11/2010 CZ NLC
Contribution to the European Digital Library 03/2010 11/2010 CZ NLC
8 Final conference organization for professionals and media 06/2010 09/2010 CZ NLC
9 Exhibition catalogue development 12/2009 11/2010 CZ NLC
Catalogue + CD 12/2009 02/2010 CZ NLC
Video recording, media presentation 03/2010 10/2010 All NLC, NLL, NLP, NLR
DVD development 10/2010 11/2010 RO NLR
10 Dissemination 10/2009 11/2010 All NLC, NLL, NLP, NLR
Project website 10/2009 11/2010 CZ NLC
National dissemination in partner countries 10/2009 11/2010 All NLC, NLL, NLP, NLR
Preparation of project leaflets and promotional material 12/2009 01/2010 All NLC, NLL, NLP, NLR

All the partners will meet in Prague at the kick-off meeting to define main project concept and to identify possible problems. They will also define clear rules for common co-operation in national or international activities and local management of national working group. Each partner will have well-defined responsibilities in the project which are described in a table below. Besides each partner have common responsibilities as well. These include

  • Project administration based on Culture 2007-2013 program rules.
  • Delivering data, results and other contribution as agreed during the development of the proposal concept and at the later stage. Local advertising (exhibitions), assessing public interest locally, communicating with local authorities and other interested and affected parties will also be the partners’ tasks.