X. Dissemination

  • Start date: Month 2
  • End date: Month 15

Dissemination activities will focus on the target groups and the potential impact the project would achieve and will consider the fostering and supporting the sustainability of the project after the EC funding. For this purposes the project website will be created and managed by NLC. It will be updated in order to promote REDISCOVER project and its results. The individual language versions of main REDISCOVER presentation will be produced by the partners and implemented. The website will be continuously updated. The production of project leaflets, press releases, creation of a standardized project presentation background and other promotional materials will be conducted by each partner, as well as the national dissemination. All partners have well established long-term and productive networks with local, national and international organisations. It is expected that all this experience and expertise will be well utilized and add value to the project.

The National library of Poland will be responsible for local dissemination articles proceeding. Please see also Outputs section