III. Integration of digitalised objects

  • Start date: Month 2
  • End date: Month 6

During this phase the partners will integrate the distributed compound documents already digitized through the own digitalizing tool selected previously. Technical solution within the gathering of manuscripts and other historical documents is held by each partner individually and in case of need also by technical support of Aip Beroun company, working in digitalization of old valuable printed matters and manuscripts. The contribution of each partner will be approximately 35 – 50 objects. All joined resources will be analyzed due to various standards used by different partners digitalizing tool, thereby the mapping and a single common format will be ensured, also with the help of the Manuscriptorium platform, based on M-Edit tool application. After designing of digitised documents in uniform user interface, all these documents will be integrated into the Manuscriptorium digital library as a contribution of cultural heritage. The work package is under the responsibility of the project coordinator.