Exhibition catalogue

The exhibition catalogue will be developed in the language of each participating country and in English version as well, under the coordination of the NLC. The translation of catalogue text will be performed by each partner. It will have approximately 50-60 pages and will include various pictures, photographs of manuscripts and other historical documents, descriptions, background information. It will be presented on each exhibition, including the catalogue CD with virtual presentation of digitalized compound documents. Besides of the catalogue there will be also video recording of exhibition realization in each country, conducted by local students with result of DVD of all exhibition presentations, which will be coordinated by National Library of Romania.

In the attachment you can find individual texts for the exhibition catalogue - four views of the Central European history - as they have been written by all REDISCOVER partners

CZ_Text_Catalogue_ENG.doc113.5 KB
LT_text-catalogue_ENG.doc89 KB
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