Exhibition in Vilnius

The national exhibitions will be organized for identified users and for the interested public in four participating countries, conducted by the libraries’ staff. The first one will be held in National library of Lithuania in Vilnius. The exhibition will present printed pieces of approximately 15-20 chosen digitalized documents from the time period of Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Era from the participating countries. The Lithuanian contribution represents for example Synod of the Evangelist Reformers in Lithuania, Collection of parchments, historical records collection etc. The partner will ensure the printed leaflets, catalogue and technical support for the exhibition. The exhibition will be shown in each country on 4 exhibition cases and 6 panels, where the welcome poster, texts, descriptions and titles, prints of manuscripts and other historical documents will be placed. Computer presentation will be ensured on a laptop where the visitors will have the chance to see all other digitised documents and find other useful background information.

University students will be also involved in the exhibition preparation and realization in each country. They will record an exhibition video documentation from which the Romanian partner will develop a DVD consisting of all national videos. Their work and participation in the preparation phase will result in a short media presentation, which will be projected in the exhibition room.

Each country (except Prague where the final conference will be held) will organise a half-day workshop attended by the librarians representing the project partners and other invited national guests (manuscript experts, historians, etc) with a scope to discuss the concept of the project, introduce the technology used, discover possibilities of future cooperation and use of the project results for educational purposes.

The comprehensive evaluation of the outcomes from the exhibitions will be conducted by each partner, focusing on the impact of the cultural heritage work circulation, the intercultural dialogue, the operations of the libraries involved and the implications for their future strategies and activities. Lithuanian partner will be responsible for local evaluation reports.