II. Preparatory work

  • Start date: Month 1
  • End date: Month 6

The project will start with the kick-off meeting in Prague in order to set up the common concept and detailed working methodology. During the kick-off meeting the partners will set up outlines of common co-operation on cultural, methodological and administrative levels. The common concept ensures that the general framework of the preparation of the exhibitions, their promotion and evaluation will be based on the same principles. The integration work will be done individually based on needs and technical possibilities of the partners. A questionnaire will be filled in by each partner and sent to the technical supporting organisation to find the most suitable method of cooperation.

The preparatory work represents the identification and selection of various content of cultural heritage from Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Era (medieval manuscripts and other historical documents) to the integrated environment. The rules of document gathering will be defined. A survey of availability of digitized manuscripts and other historical materials in partner institutions will be made to define the quantity of material with which they will contribute to the project and share these documents with Manuscriptorium.

In preparatory phase, each of the participating country will provide a list of stakeholders in order to map the availability of distributed compound digitalized documents in their country and find out the method of possible future involvement of these organisations. The stakeholders’ database will also include all potentially interested parties in the exhibition and cooperation (cultural organisations, educational bodies, scientific press, industrial contacts, policy makers who can ensure future source of financing). The creation of stakeholders’ database will be coordinated by National library of Lithuania.